We provide skid-mounted water treatment systems to remove arsenic and other toxic contaminants from drinking water at significantly low operational costs. Our technology is an elegant innovation applied to the current iron based adsorption technology. HMSolution’s system has many different drinking water applications: Community water systems, beverage companies, agricultural companies, and households that need a POE (point-of-entry) or POU (point-of-use) system.

By providing a cost-effective and easy to operate system, our mission is to protect cities, communities and homeowners from the health effects of toxic – such as arsenic and other toxic contaminants.

Key advantages of our water treatment system

Long Lifetime

The filtering media source is designed to easily last up to 5 years without replacement.

No Chemical Addition

We do not use expensive and hazardous chemicals in our process to prolong the lifetime of the media by adjusting the pH or to pre-oxidizing As(III).

Easy Operation

Due to the simplicity of the water treatment process of our system, no significant training is needed.